Create a 'Papal State' Sanctuary Country in South America

Create a 'Papal State' Sanctuary Country in South America

By Steven Merten

All biblical quotes are from the New American Bible.
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If South American countries donated land to the Vatican, Pope Francis would now be the one responsible for all people's protection, food, health care, housing, welfare, education, when living in Vatican City State, sovereign nation status, soil, in South America.

Pope Francis can pronounce an auto-anathema, making it binding that all people on earth, who want to go to heaven through Jesus, tithe 10% of their income, to support the poor of the world. Thus the poor South American people would have Jesus Himself providing socialism to support them.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA : States of the Church.

From Constantine, third century, to the fall of Papal States, to the Kingdom of Italy in 1870, Papal States was a sanctuary for people to live in peace and protection. Papal States, before its fall in 1870, was land donated to the Church over the millenniums. One time, when the bad guys stole four castles from the Pope, the Pope traveled over the Alps to seek military assistance from the Franks, Germans, to liberate the people in the castles, and regain their land. Please read about Papal States.

Papal States existed for almost two millenniums. Papal States only fell 150 years ago. We need to donate land, around the globe, to the Pope once again, to create sanctuary countries, where people are cared for and protected.

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