Using Time Dilation
Billions of years of Star Formation Can Occur in Six Days.

By Steven Merten

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Physical time is a variable, and not the constant that most people of the world believe physical time to be. Physical time varies depending on velocity. The faster you go, the slower time elapses. Albert Einstein discovered this in his 'Theory of Relativity'. Physical time varies proportional to the varying velocities of two different events.

In the Bible, God tells us He created the sun and stars in six days on earth. God, and man's, clock on Creation, is gauged by elapsing physical time on earth. So where would God put earth, if He wanted to 'big bang' out 1 septillion stars, which are billions of years old, in six days? God would put earth at near the speed of light, obviously. With earth at near the speed of light, billions of years of star formation can occur in six days.

Physical time is the measurement of the rate of change between, matter, energy and empty space. God created the physical realm, everything physical in existence, matter, energy and empty space, in six days on our earth, on the week Adam was made, thousands of years ago. Whether it is getting to the dentist on time, observing a scientific experiment in nanoseconds, God creating the universe, or science putting a symbolic 'clock' in a concept, future, light speed star ship, we are all using the measurement of one day on earth as the measure of physical time. If one day on earth is happening at near the speed of light, then yes, billions of years of star formation, at a lower velocity, is capable of happening, under the laws of nature, by the end of six days on earth.

Due to the Theory of Relativity, in time dilation, we will be able to travel the whole universe, in one life time, once we establish near the speed of light star ships. On the down side, velocity is a variable of physical time. Once you have traveled one hundred billion light years, in one 50 year lifetime period, you will return to earth 100 billion years into the earth's future. Using earth's present day velocity/elapsing physical time combination; if you pull a number out of your hat and say the universe is 14 billion years, from a 'big bang', 'creation', 'beginning of time' origin, as scientists tell us it is, how old will the universe be, when you return to earth, after traveling 100 billion light years, at the speed of light? When you return, the earth will be 100 billion years older than its, '14 billion year' present age, that science tells us it is, but you will have only aged 50 years during the earth's 100 billion year aging period. So is the universe now 114 billion years older, or is the universe now '14 billion years old', plus the years you were traveling at light speed, old? This is time dilation, from Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity'. Scientists have proven that time dilation exists. We have to adjust our satellites, to compensate for Time Dilation. Because satellites travel at a higher velocity than we are traveling on earth, satellites thus exist where physical time is elapsing at a slower rate. If we did not compensate for satellite's slower passage of physical time, all our GPS information derived from them would put us in the ditch, miles from your GPS computed desired destination. When scientists gauge the age of the universe at 14 billion years old, at what velocity are they placing their clock (rotating earth), during God's six days of Creation?

Does anyone else find it interesting that God created light on the First Day of Creation, but God set the sun and moon over the earth on the Fourth Day of Creation? If there is a 'big bang' event, when the mass of 1 septillion stars popped into existence from nothing, and it exploded, this would be God saying, 'Let There Be Light!'. The big bang was plenty hot and gave off plenty of light when it went off. It is the 'big bang', which is God saying 'Let There Be Light', which is lighting the universe, and earth, as earth experiences her first Three Days of Creation, light to dark cycles, which are named 'days'.

Many scientists have the earth coming into existence from within the 'big bang', towards the end of star formation. The Bible puts earth separate from 'light', aka (big bang), on the First Day of Creation. So lets go with the bible and have earth rotating next to the 'big bang', exploding mass of 1 septillion stars, on the First, through Third, Days of Creation. God first Creating the earth, at one location and then God Creating His, mass of one septillion stars, aka 'Let There Be Light!', aka 'The Big Bang', at another location in space, is going to generate a great deal of, the force of gravity, between the two, objects. There will definitely be enough gravitational force to pull the far smaller, and far less mass, object, earth, to near the speed of light. With earth at near the speed of light, only days will be going by as billions of years can occur at slower velocities.

If the earth is at the velocity of the speed of light, and a good enough distance from the 'big bang', so that it does not melt from the tremendous heat generated by the big bang, how long will the earth be able to resist the tremendous gravitational force of the mass of 1 septillion stars? It looks like, according to the bible, three days. Remember, earth is traveling at the speed of light, so the big bang has billions of years to cool, at a far lower velocity, in three earth days (three light to dark cycles on earth).

So on the fourth day, the earth concedes to gravity and plunges into the big bang which is now, because of time dilation, billions of years old. The earth gets caught in the orbit of the sun. The earth picks up a moon, and a man, and bang, creation in six days.

NAB GEN The Story of Creation.

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters Then God said: Let there be light, and there was light. God saw that the light was good. God then separated the light from the darkness. God called the light 'day', and the darkness he called 'night.' Evening came, and morning followed'the first day.'

GEN 14 Then God said: Let there be lights in the dome of the sky, to separate day from night. Let them mark the seasons, the days and the years, and serve as lights in the dome of the sky, to illuminate the earth. And so it happened: God made the two great lights, the greater one to govern the day, and the lesser one to govern the night, and the stars. God set them in the dome of the sky, to illuminate the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. God saw that it was good. Evening came, and morning followed, the fourth day.

Time dilation is how God can simultaneously bring billions of years of star formation into existence within Six Days of Creation. Whether or not there actually was a 'big bang' is irrelevant. If there was a 'big bang', creating stars billions of light years apart, on the Fourth Day of God's Creation, then Time Dilation, is how 14 billion years of star formation can happen in four, dark to light cycles, God named 'Days', on our earth. You simply need the proper variation of velocity between the velocity of earth and the velocity at which the star formation is taking place. This is known as Time Dilation.

Time dilation

In the theory of relativity, time dilation is an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses. An accurate clock at rest with respect to one observer may be measured to tick at a different rate when compared to a second observer's own equally accurate clocks. This effect arises neither from technical aspects of the clocks nor from the fact that signals need time to propagate, but from the nature of spacetime itself.

Time dilation and space flight

Time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to travel further into the future while aging very little, in that their great speed slows down the rate of passage of on-board time. That is, the ship's clock (and according to relativity, any human traveling with it) shows less elapsed time than the clocks of observers on earth. For sufficiently high speeds the effect is dramatic. For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years at home. Indeed, a constant 1 g acceleration would permit humans to travel through the entire known Universe in one human lifetime. The space travelers could return to Earth billions of years in the future. A scenario based on this idea was presented in the novel Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle.

Quoted From: Wikipedia Time Dilation

Modern cosmologists, calculating the age of the universe, fail, intentionally or through neglect, to take into consideration the fact that physical time is ONLY a variable. When you change physical velocity, on God and man's, Creation clock earth, physical elapsing time, changes dramatically, proportional to change in velocity.

The following is a theoretically accurate example of how time dilation works. There was no 'John' before creation. Light speed star ships are still only theoretical. Aliens outside the human race is only a question. Still I give you the following theoretical accurate fictitious example to help you understand Time Dilation. Enjoy!

John has a star ship capable of traveling at the speed of light. John is going to travel from the fist moment of the 'big bang' (creation), to land on earth, on Adam's birthday/creation, which is in six days, earth time (six rotations of the earth from the first existence of matter, energy and empty space). John knows that Adam will be on earth, in six rotations of earth, because he has read the bible. In the bible, the sun and stars are created on the fourth day of creation and Adam is created on the sixth day of God's creation. John has an earth time clock, which is the same clock God uses to gauge elapsing time over His six days of creation. John's earth clock controls the light speed capable propulsion system of his star ship. Elapsing time, according to time dilation, depends on velocity, so the ships computer adjusts the ships velocity to correspond to God's days of creation. John sets his star ship to travel from the 'big bang' to Adam's birth/creation day, which is six days later. John calls his ship a star ship, even though there are no stars yet before the 'big bang' goes off. John trusts God that there will be stars set in the sky over earth, billions of light years apart, by the fifth day of creation, for he and Adam to enjoy on the sixth day of creation.

At the very moment the 'big bang' goes off, John's star ship is instantaneously traveling at nearly the speed of light. What surprises John is that he suddenly sees the earth pass him by. Earth is traveling even closer to the speed of light than John so that earth can rendezvous with the massive, 1 septillion stars coming into existence, at slower velocity, four days later. Billions of years of star formation is happening at a lower velocity while only days are passing for the earth and John in his light speed star ship.

John looks out the window of his star ship and sees all the wonders of creation unfolding before his eyes. John sees the 'big bang' explode and massive numbers of stars heading out in all directions, at a far lower velocity than his own. John sees stars being born and even super novas exploding and their dust dissipating through out the universe. John knows the final velocity that earth will be at, once earth and stars join together, on the fourth day of creation. Doing some math, John calculates the difference in elapsing time between his near light speed and what is going on during the 'big bang' at lower velocities, using his calculations on time dilation. John figures the at the lower average velocity, that of future Adam's time elapsing physical time, rate, is elapsing at close to 145 million years per his, much slower, elapsing hour, at his higher velocity, which he is at nearly the speed of light. Creation is pouring out around him in a spectacular show of stars coming into existence and then even dying, within hours, because he is traveling at near the speed of light.

Suddenly, earth, which is traveling even closer to the speed of light than John's speed, plummets into the slower velocity of the one septillion stars, already at the lower velocity. John does some calculations and figures that what happened over 14 billion years at average star formation velocity, happened in four days at the velocity that his ship and the earth were traveling.

John lands on earth six days after he started his trip from the fist moment of the 'big bang'. John calls his mother to tell her that he made it to Adam's birthday party ok. The person on the other end of the line tells John that his mother does not live here anymore. The person informs John that she had died 14 billion years ago. Turns out John's original velocity, before instantly jumping to near the speed of light, was at earths final velocity, on the day Adam was made. Note, of course, that John and his mother are fictitious and only used to describe time dilation during creation. There really was no mass, energy or empty space, or people, before God's creation, which happened six days before Adam was made. Adam and Eve were the first humans, in God's creation. They were created on the sixth day of God's creation. Of course, billions of years of star formation happened in six rotations of earth.

Ok, so after visiting Adam on his creation/birthday, John gets back into his star ship and travels, at nearly the speed of light, into the future of our present day. We on earth, at our physical time/velocity, have, in our future, developed star ships that can reach the speed of light. Humans from planet earth have now traveled the universe on their star ships. Planet earth now wants to join the UAAP, United Alliance of Alien Planets. All of earths greatest minds in cosmology have gathered for the occasion to give the UAAP a detailed lecture on how their universe is 14 billion years old. John is there for the meeting. Because John has been traveling at near the speed of light, from his origin of the beginning of the 'big bang', John got to the future meeting within days of the day he began his journey, which was at the moment the 'big bang' went off.

Earths greatest minds in cosmology start the lecture by stating that the universe is 14 billion years old and that the moment of 'creation', 'in the beginning', was the 'big bang'. The whole auditorium starts laughing. They start chanting 'flat time!', 'flat time!' 'flat time!'. John goes up to the earth cosmologists and explains that he began his trip from the 'big bang' only days ago. John starts explaining to the earth cosmologists that, because of time dilation, in his time/velocity, the 'big bang' happened only few earth time, days ago. John explains to the earth cosmologists that the reason all their fellow aliens are laughing so much is because they all come from planets traveling at different velocities and thus the physical age of the 'big bang', observed from their velocity specific, planets varies dramatically.

John asks, earth scientists, have you ever had early scientists think that your planet was flat? Earths cosmologists say, Why yes! We call them 'flat earth' believers. Well, John explains, this is what you are doing in calculating the 'big bang' from only your specific planets observation point and its specific velocity. 14 billion years of 'big bang' 'creation' to you, at your planets specific velocity, only happened days ago for me, because I was traveling at nearly the speed of light. All the other aliens here, from a full spectrum of planet specific velocities, have their own observation of elapsed physical time from when the 'big bang' happened. You have to look at the whole spectrum of time/velocity observable elapsed time, calculations from the 'big bang'. When you do this you will realize that physical time is only a variable, and not the constant that you are trying to make it to be. Then you will step up from being a 'flat time' scientist to being a full time/velocity spectrum, of elapsed physical time, scientist.

So earth's cosmologists ask John, well why is this auditorium over flowing with aliens wanting to hear our presentation on 'creation'? John explains, they are here because their Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who came to your planet earth, to die on the cross for their sins. Since earth's human planetary travel started, many of Christ's Apostles have traveled the universe baptizing and converting aliens around the universe. Planet earth holds a very dear position in their hearts because this is where Jesus, their Lord God and Savior, was born, lived, and died for their sins and then rose again on the third day. Your presentation on '14 billion year creation', from earth time/velocity observation, of a point in time, the 'big bang', that I, myself, was physically at a few earth days ago, means nothing to the aliens joined together here today. They want to hear about how God created the universe in six days for the first of mankind, Adam, who Jesus descended from. This is the creation, God's creation, that all the Christian aliens here today want to hear about.

Seeing that physical time is only a variable depending on velocity, and not a constant observed from all velocities of the universe, it is useless for calculating an 'age of the universe'. We believe in God's creation, six earth days in which Adam came into existence. It is at this point in time that all mass, energy and empty space was created into existence from nothing.

Again, I just want to explain that John and the UAAP are fictitious and only used to explain the facts of science and nature about how time dilation works. It is highly likely that there really are no beings, with souls, in the universe, other than man. There certainly were no aliens before God's creation, on the week Adam was made, in which all matter, energy and empty space, and man, came into existence from nothing.

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